PS Last Summer (PS Sista Sommaren)

Original Swedish Title PS SISTA SOMMAREN
Language Swedish
Duration 100 mins
Released 1988
Director Thomas Samuelsson
Script Thomas Samuelsson, based on a novel by Bo Green Jensen
Cast Susanne Alfvengren, Patrik Stenman, Ulf Larsson, Lena Nilsson
Music Ola HÃ¥kansson, Tim Norell, Anders Hansson

A Film by

In ten weeks more than US$ 2,500.000 gross plus
 105,000 soundtracks sold

A youth film, it's airy and light as a summer wind and may well blow into a few offshore pickups.
What's important is the interplay among the three youths, who speak and act with natural ease. There is plenty of international quality Swedish rock. 

Two boys Malte (Patrick Stenman) and Kranken (Roberto Jelinek) are both 17 years old. They are tired of school and unemployed, but they have an enormous appetite for life and are filled with vitality and curiosity. Then Lisa (Lena Nilsson) turns up and comes between them.

They become involved in an intricate triangle of emotions in which they share the joys of love, sex and dreams - and suffer the pains, rage and frustrations of jealousy. As their feelings for each other vacillate between hot and cool, playful and serious, their love and friendship are put to a cruel test. All three are on the verge of adulthood and they live as though life was as short as the summer itself.