One Way Ticket (Enkel Resa)

Original Swedish Title ENKEL RESA
Language Swedish
Released 1988
Director Hans Iveberg
Script Hans Iveberg
Cast Sven Wollter, Inger Lise Rypdal, Jan Teigen, Dan Ekborg, Sif Ruud, Gösta Engström, Sten Åke Cederhök, Jarl Borssen.

A comedy written and directed by
with Sven Wolter, Dan Ekborg, Sif Ruud, Sten Åke Cederhök and Jarl Borssén.

A man (Sven Wollter) has just been released from prison. He has decided to start a new and honest life. He has borrowed a large sum of money from rather dubious loan sharks, money which he has invested in shares. It can't be that difficult to make a killing on the stock market, or...

By making a considerable profit on the shares he figures he would have enough capital to start afresh. However things do not turn out as planned, and the shares plummet in value.

To make things worse, the loan sharks want their money back. And now they are chasing him....

One last "job" in his old profession, something big, seems like the only solution.....

Some very expensive jewellery will be on the next ferry from Finland to Sweden. But he is not the only man who has found out about it......