The Undressing (Avklädningen/Riisuminen)

Original Finnish Title RIISUMINEN
Language Finnish
Duration 90 mins
Released 1986
Script Lauri Törhönen
Director Lauri Törhönen
Cast Erkki Saarela, Eeva Eloranta

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"The Undressing is a gripping drama played out between two players almost entirely within the confines of a Helsinki hotel room. Despite these limitations, the film is never dull and director Lauri Törhönen keeps it from seeming theatrical or looking like a small-screen fodder. This is an impressive battle of the sexes, a small-scale film with plenty of power and potency. It should be viewed by those on the lookout for original, exciting material" 

The man in question is a Government Minister of a left-wing party, who has gone stale over the years and he has softened his principles. He accidentally meets a former girlfriend, who he hasn't seen for 10 years. Though he is married and now an important man in society, they agree to have dinner. He then unhesitatingly takes her to a hotel.

Very quickly the easy love-making changes to a fierce settling of accounts, both personal and political. He accuses her of being an unrelenting communist and she accuses him of betraying his formerly held beliefs. She also accuses him of male chauvinism, hypocrisy and ultimately, desertion as she reveals something he never knew: that she had a daughter by him......