Buddies (Dödspolare)

Original Swedish Title DÖDSPOLARE
Language Swedish
Duration 85 mins
Released 1984
Director Mats Arehn
Script Mats Arehn, Rolf Börjlind
Cast Gösta Ekman, Sten Ljunggren

A Film by
Gösta Ekman and Sten Ljunggren

The morning after a boozing party with his pals, Torbjörn Skytt, hangover and miserable, finds a woman on his sofa. Beautiful and seemingly asleep....but not so...she is dead!

Buddies (Dödspolare) has without doubt many qualities one would like to see in other Swedish films. Especially well done are the comic sometimes absurd sequences.
Maaret Koskinen, CHAPLIN

As an example of a murder mystery with dark edges Buddies (Dödspolare) is an unusually intelligent production.
Hanserik Hjertén, DN