Dirty Story

Original Swedish Title DIRTY STORY
Language Swedish
Duration 98 mins
Released 1984
Script Jörn Donner
Director Jörn Donner
Cast Erland Josephson, Charlotta Larsson, Nils Brandt, Agneta Ekmanner, Lasse Pöysti

A Film by

The part of Gabriel Berggren was written for
 Erland Josephson
 (Charlotta Larsson who plays Camilla is Erland Josephson's real-life daughter)

Gabriel Berggren (Erland  Josephson) is managing director of a big company, United Metal. He is a 62 year old gentleman with greying hair. Gabriel is a hero only because he suffers from small breaches in style, conceals his suffering under scarcely discernible disapproval; is always a little ashamed of his power and wealth, and tries to hide it behind his discrete behaviour and colourless appearance.

One day Gabriel discovers his closest colleague, the chairman of the board Erik Anders, dead in his room at the office.

Gabriel's first reaction is: why did you have to leave me just now? There is battle in progress in the boardroom of the company. On the same day Gabriel's wife of some twenty years (Agneta Ekmanner) leaves for Paris.

Gabriel is left alone, both at home and at work. At this moment of his life Gabriel meets Camilla (Charlotta Larsson) - a 22 year old student temporarily working at the head office of United Metal. In his loneliness and uncertainty he falls a little in love with her and takes a few hesitant steps away from his accustomed life towards Camilla's world. But Camilla, with the remorselessness of youth, wants "all or nothing".