Angela's War (Angelas Krig)

Original Swedish Title ANGELAS KRIG
Language Swedish (some dialogue in German)
Duration 97 mins
Released 1984
Script Eija-Elina Bergholm based on a novel by Jörn Donner
Director Eija-Elina Bergholm
Cast Erland Josephson, Jörn Donner, Ida-Lotta Backman, Birgitta Ulfsson
The time is late 1943. Angela is a woman in her late thirties. Finland, allied with Germany, is at war with the Russians. Like other Finnish women of her age, Angela has to help the war effort and is sent to a Finnish-German military hospital in Lapland. She encoun-ters a wounded German officer, Thomas Schmidt, who has apparently contracted amnesia.

Angela already has two men in her life - Bengt, a Finnish officer fighting on the front and Gabriel, her aunt's ex-husband. But against her will, she becomes involved with the German too.

She leaves Lapland and Thomas follows her but is repatriated. Angela is carrying Thomas' child and wants to marry him.

Her lawyer, however, finds that she has "Jewish blood", as the Nazis say. Her world falls apart and she has a miscarriage. Bengt, the Finnish officer is killed in action and Thomas is reported missing.

Politics take a hand in events: Finland severs relations with Germany, Thomas becomes an enemy.

Finland makes peace with the Russians and Angela's family holds a party to celebrate. At the party Angela runs into Gabriel again but continues to miss Thomas.....