Where Were You Jacob? (Jacob Smitaren)

Original Swedish Title JACOB SMITAREN
Language Swedish
Duration 80 mins
Released 1983
Script Göran du Rées, Roland Janson, Christina Olofson
Director Göran du Rées
Cast Roland Janson, Sven Wollter, Hans Mosesson, Margita Ahlin

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This film was in some ways before its time. A young girl from a nice family getting involved in drugs and prostitution was met with scepticism in Sweden. 

Jacob Andersson (Roland Janson) learns that his daughter Camilla (Carina Eriksson) has been found dead in mysterious circumstances. Jacob has always dogged responsibility. That is why his ex-wife (Elvy Wallöf-Eriksson) left him many years ago. He had been an absent father, not making any effort to see Camilla, merely dreamed of her and longed for her. 

After initially breaking down another side of Jacob emerges.  He starts to investigate the circumstances surrounding Camilla's death. He doesn't like what he finds. His daughter Camilla was a drug addict, financing her habit with prostitution. It throws him into an overwhelming rage. Who is responsible?
Jacob decides to hunt him down.