The Painter (Målaren)

Original Swedish Title MÅLAREN
German Title DER MALER
Language Swedish
Duration 90 mins
Released 1982
Script Göran du Rées
Director Göran du Rées & Christina Olofson
Cast Kent Andersson, Hans Mosesson, Hans Wiktorsson, Sten Ljunggren, Anneli Martini

A Film by
about the Swedish code of envy
Don't Pretend That You Are Any Better Than Anyone Else

A marvellously un-Swedish Film. What feelings, what sensualism and what a marvellous sense of humour!
Monica Thunbäck-Hansson, GP
Possibly the most extraordinary attempt made since Jan Troell's "This is Your Life" to bridge the gap between everyday life in Sweden and the world of lyrical visions.
Hans-Erik Hjertén, DN
What are the so called eternal values worth - those in music, art and poetry - in a world where attempts to break away are not only jeered at by one's workmates but come to nothing besides?
du Rées and Olofson provide no answers. But they have created a work which disturbingly and successfully places itself on the knife edge between what Anonioni called Fact Art and Ideas Art; it is a film about life as it is as well as being a film about life as it could be. 

Jürgen Schildt, AFTONBLADET

When his shift finishes and daylight dies, his second life begins......There is no way he is going to die curious.
This is the story of Stig F Dahlman. By day he is a factory worker, at night he paints. In an age when indifference creeps in under our skin and cold darkness enfolds us, Stig Dahlman wants to create a world of beauty.

Stig is surrounded by scornful workmates, all prey to the first commandment of the Royal Swedish Code of Envy. "Don't Pretend You Are Better Than Anyone Else".
Stig's best friend dies at his machine on the factory floor, and Stig knows he can no longer lead a double life.....

Selected for
 Semaine de la Critique
du Festival de Cannes