The Girl from Auschwitz (Flickan från Auschwitz)

Duration 76 minutes
Production Year 2005
Language Versions Available Swedish with English subtitles
Production Company Stefan Jarl AB, Sweden
Producer & Director Stefan Jarl
An extraordinary film portrait of a courageous woman. A film of integrity about a woman who defines the very word integrity.
Tom Luddy, Director of Telluride Film Festival

Stefan Jarl once again proves he is the master at creating a poignant personal story and making it universal to all. An exquisite, uplifting tribute to dignity off all mankind.
Mark Fiskin, Director of Mill Valley Film Festival

THE GIRL FROM AUSCHWITZ is the story of Cordelia Edvardson, journalist and author. She was only 14 years old when she was put in a concentration camp, first in Theresienstadt and later in Auschwitz. Her whole family had been killed.

Against all odds Cordelia survived and at the end of the war she was brought to Sweden. Here she started her fight-back. A foreigner, a woman and a new language. She conquered it all and became a highly respected journalist. She got married and gave birth to 5 children before moving to Jerusalem.

 Cordelia  is still reporting about the conflict between Israel and the Arabs and she is writing about the elusive Middle Eastern peace agreement, possibly the most important conflict in the world today.