Original Title ELSA
Language Swedish
Duration 10 mins
Country of origin Sweden
Production Jojje Film
Director Jörgen Pettersson
Cinematography Jörgen Pettersson, David Marfil Wikström
Screenplay Petra Norman
Music Johnny Hedlund
Cast Dan Sjögren, Anders Jansson, Karin Bertling
“My dearest Axel. You light up my life. In every lamp and sunlight I see you. So wherever you are you're with me. Always and forever.”

This is how Elsa ends the letter to the love of her life Axel, an old man with bad memory. He is planning to celebrate Elsa’s birthday. She has been dead for many years, but she is still alive in Axel’s mind.. But their son has other plans for his father.. He is trying to persuade him to move to a retirement home.