We Buy - Who Pays? (Vi Handlar - Vem Betalar?)

Duration English Version 25 mins; Swedish Version 29 mins
Production Year 2003
Language Versions Available English and Swedish
Director Lotta Ekelund, Kristina Bjurling
Producer LottaFilm
It is more and more common for companies to move their production to countries like India, where labour is much cheaper than in Western Europe.

During the last couple of years we have fairly frequently seen headlines in the press, describing how our cloths are being made by children and poor people, having to work under appalling conditions.

In this film we will take a look behind the headlines. We travel to Southern India to investigate how and at what cost cloths are being produced for big retailers like H & M.

Some of the consequences of the production of cloths and shoes like e.g. poisoned drinking water are also explored in the film.