The Sea has No Memory (Havet Har Inget Minne)

Duration 50 mins
Production Year 2002
Language versions available English narration (a Swedish version is available upon request)
Producer Amanda Film AB
Script/Editing Lars-Lennart Forsberg
Director Lars-Lennart Forsberg
Music Caspar Forsberg
Lars-Lennart Forsberg visited Cuba for the first time in 1968. Like many of his generation in the West he looked upon the revolution in Cuba in 1958 not as a threat, but as a possible solution to starvation and oppression in Latin America.

In this film he returns 32 years later to an ageing revolution, an ageing Castro and an increasingly politically isolated Cuba. The far reaching social and political experiments have come to an end all over the world, experiments which have almost lead the world to the brink of the ultimate war. Against this background Cuba comes across as a lingering example of the utopian society which prevents progress and prevents the possibility to make the most of its own prospects.

This is a humorous and poetic film about dreams, expectations and the passage of time.

Lars-Lennart Forsberg has said about his film: Bearing in mind that so many people in the West supported the big Communist tragedy of the last century there is an amazing lack of posthumous debate.