The Last Pioneers (De Sista Pionjärerna)

Duration 50 mins
Production Year 2002
Language Versions Available Shot in English and partly in Russian (English subtitles).
Script Agneta Söderberg
Director Caroline Campbell
Producer Malcolm Dixelius/Dixit International
Ksenya, Dima and Misha are three young people from Moscow, from a unique generation. They were born in the Soviet Union, trained by the State to become good citizens of the Communist superpower, but their lives unexpectedly turned in a completely different direction.

Instead of being dutiful “pioneers” in the Communist Youth Movement, they found themselves in the unfriendly reality of post Communist Russia.

The Last Pioneers is a drama documentary in which we follow the three heroes as they face adulthood. Their interaction with friends and family is also being filmed.

He is the eternal drop-out, but not without talent, but with no direction in life. His major project is LOVE and getting married to his girlfriend, making a few Rubles without having to think too much or work too hard. He is the opposite of anything the Soviet Union would have wanted. But no much success in modern day Russia either.

She was born and raised in a family of high status in the Soviet society. She has managed a smooth transition into the capitalist world and is expected to make a business career. She would rather be on stage – singing.

He is the film’s “enfant terrible”. In his absolute hatred of the new system he concentrates his energy on making as much trouble as possible – preferably by kicking or hitting people he does not like. Misha is about to become the leader of a neo-fascist national patriot movement.