My Mother - A Persian Princess (Min Mamma en Persisk Prinsessa)

Duration 48 mins
Production Year 2000
Language Version Available Original version with English subtitles
Producer/Director Nahid Persson
Script Nahid Persson
Sanna: As a child I used to fantasise that my biological mother in Iran was a Persian Princess

Knowing that you are an adopted child and suddenly realising that your biological mother is still alive, living in another country, is overwhelming and the prospect of meeting her even more so. Farzone was born in Iran and as a young child adopted by a Swedish couple. She was given a new name Sanna.

As Sanna was getting older she both longed for and feared a meeting with her Iranian mother and at last she plucked up the courage to try to find her. With the help of a journalist friend in Teheran a picture of Sanna together with her biological mother appeared in the press and one day her mother called her.

They no longer spoke the same language and Sanna needed help from an Iranian friend. After much soul searching Sanna and her friend set out on their journey to meet Sanna’s mother. It proved to be a rather chaotic and emotionally draining experience. Sanna had to face upsetting facts about her past and also about her mother – a woman who had played such a big part in her dreams.