Mom is Moving Out (Mamma Flyttar Hemifrån)

Duration 57 mins
Production Year 1999
Language Versions Available
Original Swedish/Persian version with English subtitles
Producer/Director Mohammad Ghamari
Script Mohammad Ghamari
Press reviews: There are films you forget half an hour after you see them. There are also films you have seen and will never forget. MOM IS MOVING OUT is one you will never forget. (Göteborgs-Posten).

Mohammad is a 43 years old Iranian man. His mother, a woman at 73, has lived with him for a couple of years in his apartment in Sweden. Mohammad has met a woman from Norway and wants to live with her. He asks his mother to move out. His mother who has never ever lived alone, feels abandoned and rejected by her son. There are strong feelings, conflicts and drama when these three people express their opinions. MOM IS MOVING OUT is a film about mother-son relationship, identity  and cultural clashes.