Age is No Excuse - A Story about Movement (Greta Hause - En Film om Hopp och Livslust)

Duration 23 mins
Production Year 2000
Language Versions Available Original Swedish version with English subtitles
Producer Håkan Bjerking
Script Irene Hause
A film about:
– diving at the age of 83
- hope and zest for life
– being a pioneer
– the evolution of dance, movement and gymnastics in Sweden 1950-2000
– courage

Gymnastics in Sweden during the 1940’s and 1950’s  was just hard exercise without any music, inspired by the Army. Ling, who is considered being the father of Swedish gymnastics, had very strict views on exercise.

In 1952 Greta and Karl Hause started a school for dance, rhythmic and  jazz ballet in Örebro, Sweden. They were to change the face of dance in Sweden, but first they had to overcome hostility and opposition from many quarters.

Today it is generally accepted that people are entitled to choose their own rhythm and movements. But in the 1950’s it was very difficult to be a pioneer and to question the strict principles used for dance and gymnastics.

Without any financial support and against all odds Greta fulfilled her dream, working hard to introduce her views on dance and movement.