Original Title FINEBOYS
Duration 50 mins
Production Year 1989
Language versions available Original Swedish version with English subtitles.
Produced by Torromfilm, Sweden
Script Solveig Nordlund

Every year thousands and thousands of teenagers all over the world dream about becoming a famous fashion model and earning a fortune. Milan with its fashion industry has become a Mecca for these people, especially for male models. It is a place where hundreds of hopeful young men and woman are struggling to survive while waiting for the big break in their career. Most of them never make it.

In this film, which was shot over one year, we follow two young boys, Adam and Caj. They have very high hopes before leaving home, but they soon realise that it is not easy to find work and they have to take any odd job just to pay rent and food. Caj starts working in a night-club. Adam lives with a couple of Italian girls, who pay the rent. Caj's nightlife puts an end to any hope of making a career as a handsome, glamorous model. He always looks tired.

On his 17th birthday Adam however gets his first modelling assignment and that starts the ball rolling. A Japanese agent brings him over to Tokyo, where very young looking European faces are popular. A Japanese fashion magazine, FINEBOYS, makes Adam their favourite cover boy.

Adam suddenly earns a lot of money, but life is not all that easy and he experiences problems handling certain aspects of his new profession. As time goes by he finds himself getting more and more into trouble.

One year after Adam and Caj left home they meet up again and compare their experiences.