Where There is Life There is Hope

Original title TANT QU┬┤IL Y A DE LA VIE
Production Year 1995
Duration 52 mins
Language Versions Available Original French version with English sub┬Čtitles.
Produced by FilmTeknik, Sweden
Script Axel Lohman
The impression of Africa portrayed in mass-media is of a continent in perpetual economic and social crises, gripped by famine, civil war and AIDS. This is true but there is also some cause for optimism and hope for the future. There is solidarity, generosity and compassion.

Jean and Ousmane are two of thousands of vendors in Yaounde, in Cameroon. They are partners accompanying each other on their endless walks. They share a home in the ghetto. This is where all their friends live and this is where they feel safe. Their girlfriends Gaelle and Yvette are inde¬pendent women. Gaelle is a hairdresser who runs her own business. Yvette owns a bar but would like to start her own company exporting vegetables.

WHERE THERE IS LIFE THERE IS HOPE is a documentary about modern life in Cameroon, a country trying to find its own identity as an independent state. Foreign capital is not the most important thing, but rather to create a working democracy built on their own traditions.....