Darling Nina - Nina Älskling

Original title NINA ÄLSKLING
Production Year 1994
Duration 60 mins (52 mins version available upon request)
Language Versions Available Original Swedish version with English sub¬titles.
Produced by Christina Olofson, CO.FILM, Sweden
Script Christina Olofson
In the 1950's, when Nina was 18 months old she was put on a train to a small place in southern Sweden. The Child Welfare Authority had found her a foster home. Nina became foster child to a religious non-conformist family. When she was eight years old her foster-father began to abuse her sexually. Nina remembers how she tried to suppress what her foster-father had done to her - what had happened had not really happened. She remembers the fear, the shame and the degradation.

But Nina's childhood experiences caught up with her later when she was married and had two children. An explosive crises left her in hospital for a long time and wrecked her marriage.

The whole of Nina's life has been shaped by her experiences which she can never forget, but today she is able to live with the past and yet look forward.

DARLING NINA is a film about the darkest side of life but it is also the story of a woman who, despite all that has happened, is determined to go on and look to the future.