The Crazy Mothers (De Galna Mammorna)

Original title DE GALNA MAMMORNA
Production Year 1993
Duration 52 mins or 2x26mins
Language Versions Available Original Swedish version with English sub¬titles
Produced by Göran Setterberg, Sweden
Script Göran Setterberg
Schizophrenia is a hidden disease, more common than most people realise. A person who has schizophrenia cannot distinguish between the inner and the outer world. Schizophrenia does not mean a split personality. The imme¬diate family suffer a great deal and feelings of guilt are common. "Why did this happen?" "What have I done wrong?"

The film tells the story about four Swedish mothers and their mentally ill children. Happy memories during childhood, later sadness and despair when the first signs of schizophrenia become apparent when the children reach their teens.