Lines from the Heart (I Rollerna Tre)

Original Title I ROLLERNA TRE
Production Year 1996
Language Versions Available Original Swedish version with English subtitles.
Duration 52 mins
Producer Christina Olofson, CO.Film, Stockholm, Sweden
Director Christina Olofson
Script Christina Olofson
Photography Lisa Hagstrand
Editing Christina Olofson, Stefan Sundlöf
Sound Wille Peterson-Berger
Music Johan Zachrisson
Cast Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson, Gunnel Lindblom
“Anyone who knows old Swedish movies is sure to get a charge out of LINES FROM THE HEART … would fit neatly into cultural web skeds.” Derek Elley VARIETY

Cuttings from the Swedish Press:
"Three women with intelligence, humour and integrity"
"Entertaining, interesting and beautiful"
"...brings out laughter and admiration"

“They treat us actors as kids, but Ingmar Bergman made us respectable.”

A documentary with Ingmar Bergman's three favourite actresses. A rare meeting between Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson and Gunnel Lindblom, discussing the art of acting and their own experiences of life over the last four decades. What expectations did they have of their profession when they started and how do they feel now? All three are all still very active professionally. 

Almost 30 years ago they participated in THE GIRLS, a film  by Mai Zetterling, who died in 1994. As a tribute to her, LINES FROM THE HEART was filmed in Mai's house in Le Mazel, Ardèche, France