The Border Land - Between Sea and Sky (Gränslandet - Mellan Himmel och Hav)

Original Title GRÄNSLANDET – mellan himmel och hav
Duration 28 mins
Production Year 2004
Language Versions Available Swedish version, English version
Producer Mats Harrysson, Arkimedes, Sweden

The roots of Swedish glass extends from Germany and Italy, but what is remarkable is how Swedish glass blowers and designers have transferred that knowledge into their very own artistry. Swedish glass is unique. It combines tradition and fantasy and is based on a very close collaboration between designers and master glass blowers.

Humour, playfulness and joy characterise Kjell Engman’s designs. Light has a strong presence in his sculptures as have colours.

Kjell Engman lives on the island of Öland in southern Sweden and every day he rides his Harley-Davidson to his studio at Boda glassworks on the mainland.

We follow Kjell Engman from the roaring furnaces of the glass blowers world to the exhibition galleries. Kjell is surrounded by a group of highly talented glassblowers at Boda glassworks, who help him realize his ideas. A central theme for Kjell is the relationship between sea and sky – bird and fish.

Kjell has had exhibitions in the US, Australia and in several European countries.