The Art of Flying According to Peter Greenaway

Duration 52 mins
Production Year 2001
Language Versions Available Original English version
Produced by Propello, Mikael Svensson
Peter Greenaway is a writer, film director and painter. He studied at the Walthamstow College of Art in London. Quite early in his career his interest in film, as an important form of art, took over.

His work is well known all over the world and leaves nobody indifferent. He has made a large number  of short films and feature films. He has even written opera librettos and been involved in setting up opera performances.

Since 1991 he has had exhibitions in e.g. Holland, France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Spain and Germany.

In September 2000 Peter Greenaway’s one-of-a-kind installation FLYING OVER WATER, investigating the myth of Icarus, was opened at Malmo Hall of Arts in Sweden.

This film is not about the exhibition as such but rather about what happened behind the scene while the exhibition was being set up. Conflicts between Greenaway’s visions and practical constraints. We follow the process during three months before the opening, the people involved, the challenges which they had to meet and Peter Greenaway himself.