Original Title SOSNO
Duration 27 minutes
Production Year 1998
Language Versions Available Original French version with English sub┬Čtitles.
Producer Gunilla Falk
Script Gunilla Falk
Meet Sacha Sosno, one of France’s great sculptures, in this exciting portrait of the artist. He has perhaps become best known for his sculptures in marble, granite and bronze, which are often linked to classical antiquity. One of Sosno´s most talked about works is to be found at the Hotel Elysée Palace in Nice: a 26 metre tall bronze statue of a woman.

Sosno is a personal portrait in which the artist speaks of his childhood in Estonia and Latvia and of his family’s escape to Switzerland during World War II, and how those experiences have affected his artistry. Today Sosno has his studio in Bellet, outside Cannes. Now Sosno has shifted to sculpturing buildings, most recently a library in the shape of a 23 metre high head in marble. He is even planning to sculpt bridges and factories.