Gustav Bolin - The Artist (Gustav Bolin - Konstnären)

Duration 27 mins
Production Year 1998
Language Versions Available Original Swedish version with English sub¬titles.
Producer Gunilla Hedvall-Falk , Christian Falk
Interviews Gunilla Hedvall-Falk
Gustav Bolin knew both Picasso and Giacometti. They were his personal friends. Bolin  also became a well known artist,  living in Paris,  at that time a vital centre for artists and writers  from all over the world.

Gustav Bolin was born in Sweden in 1920, but moved with his parents to Paris only a couple of weeks old. The family originally came from Russia. In France he became a very well known and admired  artist. Bolin had exhibitions in many countries.  He died  in 1999. 

In this film Bolin tells us about his life in France , his work and his  friends including Picasso and Giacometti.