Ardy Strüwer - The Artist (Ardy Strüwer - Konstnären)

Duration 27 mins
Production Year 1999
Language Versions Available Original Swedish version with English sub¬titles.
Producer Gunilla Hedvall-Falk, Christian Falk
Interviews Gunilla Hedvall-Falk
The artist Ardy Strüwer was born in Jakarta in 1939. Ten years later, at the time of Indonesia’s independence,  the family was forced to move to Holland.  There he went to Art School. Later he moved on to Sweden where he continued his training and became a skilled artist.  He now lives in France but returns on a regular basis to both Holland and Sweden to have exhibitions.

As an artist Strüwer has been influenced by his Asian background and he has established his own very personal stile, loved and admired by many people. This programme is a portrait of Strüwer and his work.