Yagua Blue (Den Blå Jaguaren)

Original Swedish Title DEN BLÅ JAGUAREN
Duration 50 mins
Production Year 1989
Language Versions Available English + Spanish (both voice over. M+E tracks available.
Producer Pintura Film, Sweden
Script/Director Elisabeth Wennberg
Editor Darek Hodor
Photo Sven Åsberg
Yagua Blue is a visual poem following the Guarani Indians’ old myths and tales – a film moving between an outer and inner reality. The main character is the 80-year old chieftain of the Simbas of southern Bolivia.

Through his face, full of beauty and wisdom, we experience the life of the village. We encounter the animals and we discover nature.  The chieftain  guides us through a sequence of poems and tales from the myth of Creation to the End of the World.