In Spite of Sorrow (Nattfågelns Hjärta)

Original Swedish Title NATTFÅGELNS HJÄRTA
Duration 60 mins
Production Year 1999
Language Versions Available English voiceover and French subtitles. M+E tracks available.
Producer Pintura Film, Sweden
Script/Director Elisabeth Wennberg
Editor Darek Hodor
The Nightbird, the Chameleon and the Python, the Elder, the Guardian of the Bats, the Soothsayer, the Guardian of the sacred Forest and the Black Lizards.....

......they all line the route of the Medicine Man, as he walks his visible and invisible paths through the village of Navio-Kaya in southern Burkina Faso. He is accompanied by the drums as they pay homage to Death.

Death that bears Life in her womb.