Hypnosis - Conversations on the Healing Powers of Man (Hypnos - Samtal om Människans Läkande Kraft)

Duration 57 mins
Production Year 1999
Language Versions Available Shot in Swedish and partly in English.
English subtitles available.
Producer Athena Film & Video
Script/Director Göran Gunér, Florrie Widén
Interviews Florrie Widén
Experts taking part in the programme:
Jeffrey Zeig Ph. D Hypnosterapeut, Milton H. Erickson’s Institute for Hypno-therapy, USA
Peter Bloom M. D. Professor in Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Deborah Ross Hypnosterapeut, Los Gatos Institute, USA
Florrie Widén and Janna Strömberg Psychotherapists, Sweden

Hypnosis is associated with misconceptions and suspicion. But modern methods of hypnosis are increasingly being accepted as a way to find a cure or to give relief within medicine, psychiatry or for people with psychosomatic disorders. Hypnosis is about trust, co-operation and liberation and not manipulation and seduction and above all about previously unknown connections between body and mind. 

This programmes gives an interesting account of the healing powers of hypnosis.