Original Swedish title KATITZI
Duration 6 x 25 mins
Producer Nord Art, Sweden
Script Based on a novel by Katarina Taikon
Director Ulf Andrée
Cast Janne Karlsson, Kjell Bergqvist, Christina Schollin, Sema Sari.

A series directed by
 Ulf Andrée 
Kjell Berqvist, Monica Zetterlund,
 Christina Schollin, Janne Karlsson

KATITZI is a story based on a popular book by Katarina Taikon.

Katitzi is an eight-year-old gypsy girl,  living with her family at a gypsy camp. Their life is different and exiting. They are running a small circus, travelling around the country and Katitzi and her brothers and sisters are all working at the circus, but one day social services arrive......