Pelle Jansson

Original Swedish title PELLE JANSSON
Duration 7 x 25 mins
Producer Nord Art, Sweden
Script Based on a novel by Hans Pettersson
Director Curt Strömblad
Cast Maud Hansson, Tommy Johnson, Ola Wilhelmson

A family series directed by
Curt Strömblad
 based on a novel by Hans Pettersson

PELLE JANSSON lives with his parents in a small village in Northern Sweden. Ante, his father, has lost his job and it is impossible to find new employment locally. They decide to move south or rather Ante and Sonja (the mother) decide, Pelle is "only a child" and nobody seems to be interested in his views. Pelle finds this difficult to accept. Children have feelings too.

The family moves to Gothenburg and Sonja instantly adjusts to city life, but both Ante and Pelle find it difficult. Pelle is being bullied at school for his Northern accent.

Pelle ends up in bad company. His newly acquired friends turn out to be petty criminals. Pelle however finds the strength to break away when things start to get out of hand  and eventually the whole family settles in Gothenburg.