Original Swedish Title EVERT
Year of release 2001
Target audience 6-13 years and family viewing
Duration 41 mins
Language Swedish
Producer Henrik Olausson
Script/Director Håkan Alexandersson
Cast Anders Österholm, Irma Schultz Keller, Björn Granath, Reuben Sallmander, Göran Thorell.
EVERT 12 years old:
“A crime is an act for which you will be punished in accordance with the law. If however, according to this definition, you escape punishment you could not possibly be regarded as having committed a crime. But in that case you cannot call it the perfect crime. It is just perfect”

Twelve-year-old Evert tries every week to predict the results in all 12 football matches, by filling in a coupon. The year is 1962, one year before on-line terminals were introduced.

Evert is not doing very well, but one day he comes up with a brilliant plan. His mother is working for the football pools, checking all coupons…….

This is an exiting story which also appeals to grown-ups. The director/script writer does not underestimate the audience.