Original title KLONKADONKA
Year of release 2001
No dialogue
Duration 13 mins
Produced by Omega Film & Television, Nana Heilmann
Script Susanne Marko & Adam Marko-Nord
Director Adam Marko-Nord
In strong and bright colours, in an exciting world between dream and reality, we follow 8 year old Molly during one important day in her life. Molly’s best friend Effi has started to play with the popular and cool girls at school and Molly is struggling to get her back. With the help of Klonkadonka, a fantasy friend, Molly turns both wild, strong and courageous.

Technically the film is the result of a mixture between classic techniques and computer animations. Artistically hand painted pictures were digitalised and then built into a three-dimensional world. Through this process, the handmade visual look is carefully preserved.