Touched by an Angel (Kattbreven)

Original Title KATTBREVEN
Language Swedish
Duration 90 mins
Released 2001
Production Company CO.Film AB
Producer & Director Christina Olofson
Screenplay Annika Thor based on a novel by Elsie Johansson
Cast Daniela Holm-Verzola, Lia Boysen, Felix Engström, Patricia Otter,Max Waller-Zandén, Barbro Kollberg,Christina Stenius, Pale Olofsson.
A new feature film by Christina Olofson and Annika Thor, the team behind the award-winning film “TRUTH OR DARE”.

13-year-old Sofi has to leave her friends in town and move to a small place in the countryside with her mother and her mother’s new boyfriend. She has difficulty adapting to her new life and feels lonely and unwanted.

In the village Sofi meets an old woman who tells her exiting stories about unsolved mysteries from the village’s past.

Sofi finds an abandoned cat by the name Mitzi. A remarkable cat that receives letter………...

She also finds some strange newspaper cuttings about a theft in a local church and when Mitzi’s previous owner suddenly turns up together with Sofi’s best friend Ubbe, strange things really start happening……

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL is a magical and exiting story about deceit and how to take responsibility. About being left alone and having the courage to trust others.