See You Tomorrow Mario (I Morgon Mario)

Swedish/Portuguese co-production.

Original Portuguese Title ATÉ AMANHÃ, MÁRIO
Family feature film
Duration 76 mins
Released 1994
Director Solveig Nordlund
Script Solveig Nordlund based on a novel by Grete Roulund
Cast João Silva, Paulo César, Victor Norte, Percy Brandt, Ulla Wikander, Gunnar Nielsen
The Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival wrote: "It was beautifully made, extremely funny and very moving."

"Charming low-budgeter about a day in the life of street urchins on the tourist island Madeira is an appealing combo of indignation and humour. Carefully handled.."  VARIETY April 1994

The poor children hustle Swedish and other foreign tourists, dive for coins and generally try for the best life possible. Now that his father has died Mario, the main character, has to support his brother and his sister while their mother is in hospital. When he grows up, he wants to become a whale hunter, but nobody hunts whales anymore.