Saddled with a Girl (En Flicka på Halsen)

Original Swedish Title EN FLICKA PÅ HALSEN
Family feature film
Duration 90 mins
Released 1982
Director Tomas Löfdahl
Script Tomas Löfdahl
Cast Gösta Ekman, Björn Skifs, Gösta Engström
A thrilling, crazy, heart-warming comedy for all the family. Awarded the "CIFEJ" JURY's PRIZE at GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1983 (Italy).

The young chemist has got it made if he can come up with the right chemical formula in time. He goes home to work on the project in piece and quiet. And there is Pia! 

Seems her daddy is having problems with loan sharks. So he has skipped - leaving Pia in the care of their nice neighbour, the chemist. It is not long before the hoods are after Pia. They figure all they have to do is grab her and dad will come running. Pia resents always being locked in when the chemist goes off to work. She wants to have fun, and she keeps escaping.

After a madcap finale everything comes to a happy end.