The Slow Mirror (O Espelho Lento)

Original Title O ESPELHO LENTO
Duration 25 mins
Language Portuguese and some English
Screenplay Richard Zimler & Solveig Nordlund. Based on a short story by Richard Zimler with the title The Slow Mirror.
Director Solveig Nordlund
Producer Ambar Filmes/Sloveig Nordlund, Portugal
Director of Cinematography Acacio de Almeida
Cast Gracinda Nave, Marta Peneda, Richard Zimler, Xana Abreu, Rui Morisson, Joana Bárcia, Custódia Gaiego.
The Slow Mirror is about a teacher from Lisbon called Carla and her teenage daughter who is gravely ill. One day on a visit to Barcelona Carla discovers an unusual mirror in an antique shop. Instead of returning the images right away this mirror retains them for four hours or longer. It's a slow mirror.

Carla brings the mirror back to her daughter as a present. It changes their lives in mysterious and poignant ways. The mirror becomes their porthole to the past. Metaphorically speaking it represents the time it often takes us to come to terms with difficult and dramatic events.