Worse and Worse (Värre och Värre)

Original Title VÄRRE OCH VÄRRE
Language Swedish
Duration 28 mins
Director Carl Johan De Geer
Script Carl Johan De Geer
Cast Katarina Ewerlöf, Cecilia Frode, Ulla-Britt Norrman, Fanny Edfeldt
Why am I so seldom able to interpret my own situation and like others understand the interplay between people? Are there unspoken emotions, even hatred, under the perfect surface at work?

It’s not enough to be a good. You also have to fit in.

It’s not enough to be clever. You also have to fit in.

Burnt out. My colleagues at work thought that I was burnt out and they sent me away to a cottage in a secluded area. And it was actually wonderful to be left alone for two whole weeks. But something was a bit odd. The neighbour was a bit too helpful. She also had a key. It made me feel uncomfortable.