Original Title RACKELHANE
Language Swedish
Duration 53 mins
Producer Thymallus Film AB
Script Göran Nilsson
Director Göran Nilsson
Cast Lars Green, Håkan Falk, Marika Lagercrantz, Gunilla Röör
A stunningly beautiful film by Göran Nilsson, one of Sweden’s most talented cinematographers.

 The Giovanni Icardi Prize for Best Film, Film Video 2000 (Montecatini, Italy)
 Special Mention for Superior Editing and Photography, Film Video 2000 Young Jury.

One day Toivo, an angler, finds out that the hydro-electric power company are planning to build a plant in Europe’s last wild river – his river.

Everybody in the local community has already sold their rights to the river to the power company. Toivo is the only one still refusing. At the same time Toivo is being told by his doctor that he is suffering from a terminal disease. This makes him even more determined to resist the power company. He has nothing to lose. At the same time he strives to pass on his knowledge about the river and nature to somebody else. Together with a small boy Toivo sets out to capture the giant salmon.

Through a magnificent bird’s perspective we travel slowly and look down at the river that curls like a snake through the stunningly beautiful landscape.

In the end Toivo has the last word in a surprise twist to the story.