My Baby (Pappas Flicka)

Original Title A FILHA
Language Portuguese
Duration 90 mins
Released 2003
Production Company Ambar Filmes
Director Solveig Nordlund
Screenplay Solveig Nordlund
Music Johan Zachrisson
Cast Nuno Melo, Joana Bárcia, Margarida Marinho, Cecilia Guimaraes.

A thriller by Swedish director

Ricardo Monteiro is a successful television producer specialising in reality shows. He is 45 years old and he has just received an award for the most popular television show of the year, when he receives an ultimatum from his 18-year-old daughter Leonor. If he does not come home that same evening to celebrate her birthday he will never see her again.

Ricardo is distracted by business or other commitments and he is too late for the last flight home. When he returns next day the apartment is empty and Leonor is gone. At first Ricardo thinks that it is only a game, but there are no phone calls or messages and after a while he gets worried and starts looking for her. He discovers that she has quit school without telling him and that she has lost all contact with her old friends. She has become a complete stranger.

Another girl, more or less of the same age as Leonor, Sara, contacts Ricardo and says that she is a friend of Leonor’s and that she can help him find his daughter. Ricardo is grateful and together they start searching for Leonor in night-clubs and bars, places that Ricardo would never have connected with his daughter.

Slowly the picture he has of Leonor begins to change and it becomes more like Sara. And Sara, whose great ambition is to become a presenter on one of Ricardo’s television shows, encourages this development by pretending to be Leonor. In Ricardo’s mind Sara becomes Leonor. When he locks her in Leonor’s room Sara begins to understand why Leonor has run away..................