Jasper (Getingen)

Original Title GETINGEN
Duration 18 minutes
Produced by Bokomotiv De Geer & Olsson AB & School of Film, Gothenburg University.
Script Mårten Barkvall & Jenny Fuxe
Director Mårten Barkvall
Camera Tobias Höiem-Flyckt
Music Erik Wedin
Producer Freddy Olsson
Cast Jonas Larsson, Thomas Hultgren, Mimmi Peedu, Joahn Bössman, Marie Ahl, Aja Rodas-Evrén, Harry Achilles
Two men are rolling a barrel through a harsh and unfriendly landscape. They have brought communication equipment, which they use to try to establish contact with another civilization, another life. The reception is however very bad and they try to reach a higher altitude to get better reception. They travel through a depressing world and their hope pf finding a better life has never been more remote.