Confession - the Essence of Truth (Confession en Doft av Sanning)

Original Swedish Title CONFESSION – en Doft av Sanning
Language Swedish
Production Year 2001
Duration 14 mins
Director Jonas Myrstrand
Script Mats Berglund
Camera Mattias Högberg
Producer Anja Annevik, Fantomfilm, Sweden.
A short story about what a perfume can do to a marriage in serious trouble.

Johannes lives in a small town. He is 46 years old and tied down in a rather dull and loveless marriage. The sparkle has gone out of their marriage. They have nothing more to say to each other. A trip to another town brings Johannes close to both heaven and hell, thanks to a very special perfume called Confession.

Johannes manages to find his way back to his wife and when she discovers a bottle of Confession things really start happening……….