A Different Way (Hannah med H)

Original Title HANNAH MED H
German Title HANNAH MIT H
Language Swedish
Duration 98 mins
Released 2003
Director Christina Olofson
Production Company CO.Film
Screenplay Per Nilsson, Annika Thor
Music The Knife
Cast Tove Edfeldt, Joel Kinnaman, Thomas Mork

A  Film by
director of films like
Truth or Dare, Happy End, Honey Wolves, Touched by an Angel

A Different Way merits firm praise, not least for Edfeldt's excellent performance, combining strength and vulnerability.
Over the years Olofson has demonstrated remarkable insight into the psyches of young women.
The film should gain attention from buyers looking for quality fare aimed at young adults.



Hannah 18 (Tove Edfeldt) has just moved away from home, planning a life on her own. She meets Jens, who pretends to be a teacher and who says that he likes her poems. There are other friends as well like Edin from Bosnia and Andreas (Joel Kinnaman), an anti-racist skinhead.

But strange things start to happen. Hannah receives crank phone calls in the middle of the night. She has an uneasy feeling that somebody is watching her. Who and why? Is it somebody she knows?

Hannah finds out that Jens is not a teacher and that Jens is not even his real name. What does he want from Hannah? Things start to look increasingly suspicious when Hannah bumps into “Jens” in Copenhagen......