Original Title Kilimanjaro
Language Swedish with English subtitles
Duration 15 minutes
Producer Peter Krupenin, HobAB
Script Nima Yousefi
Director Nima Yousefi
Music/Composer Mattie Bye
CastAnn Petrén, Jacob Nordenson, Meg Westergren, Roberto Gonzalez

Göran and Kerstin, both approaching retirement, are living in an emotionally distant relationship made worse by Kerstin's increasing dementia. 

In an attempt to bring back any meaning into his life Göran and his friend Juan decide to make a trip to Africa, to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, believing that that's the place to find true happiness.

But things don't always turn out as planned.

Gothenburg Int Film Festival, Sweden 2014
19th Vilnius Int Film Festival, Latvia 2014
Florida Film Festival, USA 2014
Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium 2014
International Short Film Festival PSAROKOKALO, Greece 2014
XXI Short Film Festival Jakarta, Indonesia 2014