Land of Dreams (Sagolandet)

Original Swedish Title SAGOLANDET
Norwegian/Danish Title EVENTYRLANDET
Language Swedish
Duration 184 mins
Production Company Bold Productions
Producer Göran Setterberg, Bengt Linné
Director Jan Troell
Script Jan Troell
Cinematographer Jan Troell
Cast Jan Troell,Yohanna Troell, Ingvar Carlsson, Tage Elander, Rollo May and many others

A film written and directed by the veteran Swedish filmmaker JAN TROELL.

Jan Troell has called LAND OF DREAMS his most personal film. It is a portrait and a critique about life in modern-day Sweden. Troell’s probing film paints a bleak picture of Sweden as a nation where order, rationality and efficiency take precedence over happiness, joy and imagination.
A series of film essays from daily life are mixed with interviews and comments from Troell himself, as well as from politicians such as Tage Elander, Ingvar Carlsson and Olof Palme. The American philosopher Rollo May also appears throughout the film, arguing for the importance of creativity for human existence.

LAND OF DREAMS was the cause of very intense debate among audiences and in Swedish media, even several years after its release.