The Survivors - What happened to the Romanov Family

Feature length documentary
Swedish title ÖVERLEVARNA - Vad hände med familjen Romanov
Released 2018
Original idea scriptwriter Agneta Ulfsäter Troell
DirectorAgneta Ulfsäter Troell
Editor dubbing mixer Olle Tannergård
CinematographerGunilla de Besche Öhrvall
Original music Magnus Dahlberg
Language versions Swedish or English
NarratorAgneta Ulfsäter Troell

Millions of people became victims of the Russian revolution. Among them Tsar Nicholas II and his family who were shot in a hail of bullets one night in July 2018.

Just over 30 members of the tsar family managed to flee Russia on board the English warship Marlborough. What happened to them ? Where did they go and how did they cope in a completely new existence?  The youngest member of the Romanov family to be saved was 11 year old prince Vasili Romanov. He became a close friend of the American-Russian lawyer Albert Bartridge in San Francisco.

In this interview documentary with historic flashbacks Albert Bartridge tells us what happened to some of them.

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