7333 Seconds Johanna

Original Swedish Title 7333 sekunder Johanna
Released 2018
Script Anette Skåhlberg
DirectorAnette Skåhlberg
Producer Anette Shålberg
Cinematography Jesper Klevenås
Cast Anette Skåhlbeg, Robert Fransson, Thorsten Andreassen, Josefin Olsson, Björn Dahlman

7333 Seconds Johanna is  the longest  movie filmed  in one take.  2 hours,  2 minutes and 3 seconds.

After several months of preparations and rehearsals, 65 cast and crew were ready in the city centre of Uppsala to record 7333 seconds Johanna  - the longest European movie in one single take.  7333 seconds in the life of a troubled woman  called Johanna played by Swedish director Anette Skåhlberg, who wrote the script based on her own real-life experiences.

Johanna is in real time hurrying through Uppsala through different quarters, churches and hotels trying to find herself amidst maritial and economic problems.

Robert Fransson stars as her husband Jesper.  Joanna wants to break free and get a divorce but it proves difficult.  Jesper  is resisting by various means.  Trying to control her, claiming she is an unfit mother,  seeking sole custody of their daughter Maja.