Mamy Blue

Original Title MAMY BLUE
Language Swedish
Duration 96 mins
Released 1990
Production Company Strange Production
Producer Anette Skåhlberg
Script Anette Skåhlberg
Director Martin Lima de Faria
Cast Viveka Seldahl, Göran Engman, Julia Dehnisch, William Svedberg, Kalle Thor, Ann Petrén.
A suspension drama about a woman craving children and a husband, replacing the family she had lost. 

A film with Göran Engman and Viveka Seldahl

MAMY BLUE is a suspension drama about Lena (Viveka Seldahl), who loses both her husband and her two children in a car accident. When she wakes up in hospital after a general anaesthetic, she has a furious outburst of anger and despair and she tries but fails to take two newborn babies from the hospital.

Six years later and her obsession with the past is still there. Planning her actions very carefully Lena now sets out to kidnap two small children in a park. But that is only the beginning as far as she is concerned. She also needs a husband to create the perfect family and one day she finds Torben (Göran Engman). 

Lena pursues Torben who is flattered, but at the same time slightly worried about the intensity of Lena’s pursuit. After a while Torben also becomes suspicious. Why do the children claim that Lena is not their real mother………..