Happy End

Original Title HAPPY END
Language Swedish
Duration 98 mins
Released 1999
Production Company CO.Film AB
Producer & Director Christina Olofson
Screenplay Soni Jörgensen
Editor Stefan Sundlöf
Cinematographer Robert Nordström
Cast Harriet Andersson, Stefan Norrthon, Alexander Skarsgård, Robert Jelinek, Rebecka Hemse.

A Film by

Harriet Andersson, Alexander Skarsgård and Rebecka Hemse

“..it’s a thoroughly watchable film and Andersson glows in a part that seems to have been written for her.”
“Happy End has its most appealing asset in the performance by veteran Bergman actress Harriet Andersson, who paints a moving portrait…”
“…the story provides ample scope for the two leads to create believable characters. Andersson is still a gem.”

HAPPY END is a story about Lukas, a self-absorbed young man adrift who meets Marja (Harriet Andersson), an experienced, older woman.

Lukas dreams of becoming a rock star. He escapes the city to his father's holiday flat in Visby, a town on the Baltic island of Gotland. But the flat has been rented out to Marja, an eccentric 69-year-old writer determined to complete her memoirs. Nothing can hold her back, least of all a confused dreamer. Much against their will, a friendship slowly develops. But Marja harbours a secret, and when the truth emerges their friendship is put to the test. Their stay on Gotland takes an unexpected turn....