Miss Amerigua

Original Title MISS AMERIGUA
Language Spanish
Co-Production Paraguay/Sweden
Duration 95 mins
Released 1994
Director Luis R. Vera
Script Luis Vera, Andres Colman
Cast Raquel Baeza, Ayesa Frutos, Sonia Marchewka, Hector Silva, Jesus Perez.
"..this satiric film turns up a winner. A fun and sometimes sexy romp about the small-town uproar surrounding a beauty contest" HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"..reliably amusing. ..could bring LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE fans sniffing." VARIETY

"...sharp, funny and shamelessly sentimental story.." LOS ANGELES TIMES

MISS AMERIGUA is a satiric tragicomedy that takes place in Paraguay, but it has universal validity. The film pokes fun at vain, greedy and dishonest people everywhere. Miss Amerigua is a story of good vs. evil.

The film starts with a hint of a childhood bond between Evaristo and Maria. This reverie is shaken when the boy witnesses the murder of his activist father at the hands of Amerigua's resident fascist, Col. Banderas.  Years later, the grown Evaristo returns with revenge and Maria on his mind. The military regime in Amerigua has recently been deposed.

At first the town doesn't notice his return. Everybody is caught up in the annual beauty contest. This time there is unusual stiff competition between the very grown-up Maria, Evaristo's sexy sister Rosa and Carmen Banderas, haughty daughter of the colonel, who by now owns most of the verdant region......